Our vertically integrated team of in-house professionals internally manage our own portfolio of properties, investments, loans and development projects.  This platform has successfully completed over $1.5 billion of tax credit transactions, $3 billion in real property transactions and today runs the company's robust and diverse privately held portfolio of more than 2.5 million square feet.


Our investment strategy is focused and effective: identify and pursue equity and debt investments in commercial real estate nationwide and in particular, the Washington Metropolitan region, while carefully observing and responding to market changes. Prime targets include strategic investments in properties that have been poorly managed or are located in improving or growing submarkets. Through renovation, improved management, aggressive leasing, refinancing, and new development, we skillfully enhance the value of our investments and mitigate investor risk.

The Bernstein Companies brings a consistent value approach to real estate investing and lending regardless of asset type or position in the capital stack. 

Deep Value Philosophy:

•Create value through specialized, experience-driven execution capabilities
•Take advantage of funding gaps in capital structure
•Execution experience allows us to better filter true value-add opportunities from risky business plans
•Operator expertise provides competitive advantage
•Deep experience across asset classes allows for large potential market

Risk Mitigation:

•Methodical bottom-up underwriting
•Optimize investments by market, capital stack, and asset class
•Operational focus on downside protection
•Capital preservation

We have a powerful network of real estate, banking and corporate contacts that provide critical information, including advance notice of upcoming transactions. With distinguished background in real estate and finance, our management team is able to take a creative, non-traditional approach to the investments we pursue. In depth knowledge of the market enables expediency and decisive action when executing complex transactions.